Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Palin On The Birther Bandwagon

As a patriotic American who wants what's best for my country, I was very depressed to learn that mainstream political entity and possible future president Sarah Palin jumped on the Birther bandwagon. Yet as a writer who needs a steady stream of dumbass politicos to give me essay fodder, I was thrilled. Over at the Guardian I discuss what Palin in particular and conspiratorial idiocy in general means for the future of our once-great nation.

Disclaimer: could be I'm just pissed off because last year, Palin flagrantly ignored my attempts to land a job with her administration.


Anonymous Wayne said...

"Mooseburger Barbie'? ROFLOL

9:53 AM  
Blogger The New England Curmudgeon said...

Well-written article. And yet, I'm concerned about the future...

5:18 PM  
Blogger Caveman Lawyer said...

I was listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and PJ O'Rourke is conviced that Palin is working for the Democrats. He figures the only way Obama can win in 2012 is if his opponent is Palin.

He may be right.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I suspect we're screwed either way, Caveman. I remember someone pointed out, before the election, that the fact so much hope was pinned on Obama -- or rather, on getting The Wrong Guy out and the Right Guy in -- showed how fucked up the system was; the whole point of checks and balances was supposed to be that no one person could do too much damage.

If the decency or lack thereof of the president REALLY matters that much, we're hardly better off than in the days of monarchs -- it all boils down to whether the king is a good man or an ass. And what's the point in having a Marcus Aurelius if Commodus succeeds him?

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Cap'n NoStar said...

It may be best to cut Palin a little slack. She shows a willingness to learn. While she is not as far along as Glenn Beck, who has grown from a Hannity-like republican talking points mouthpiece to a Reason magazine/Heritage Foundation reading neophyte libertarian, Palin shows early signs of a similar growth. She quotes Thomas Sowell in Going Rogue and reads Heritage Foundation papers.

As for you not getting a job from her, McCain's staff controlled most of who got on her campaign staff. I know you don't care for her faith, but is it that much different from my own or Ron Paul's?

I am not ready to vote for her, but if she continues to learn and grow it could be a possibility in the future.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Cap'n NoStar said...

Oops. It is the Cato Institute papers, not Heritage foundation, that Sarah Palin has been reading.

Even better.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Caveman Lawyer said...

When it comes to voting Americans remind me of an abused woman. They keep crawling back to the same guy who has been beating the crap out of them for four years and think "gee, this time it will be differant".

No it wont. It will be more of the same.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

NoStar, what has her religion to do with this? Granted, I was appalled by the discovery she's a creationist, but I never wrote about that; my previous blog post criticized her for using tax money to give cushy jobs to friends who were utterly unqualified for the gigs, and my Guardian piece criticizes her for ignoring real issues to jump on the goddamned Birther bandwagon. Those two pieces would've been word-for-word identical even if she were an atheist.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Cap'n NoStar said...

I am sorry. I had just read another comment about her, and (perhaps due to lingering effects of my brains getting scrambled) I ascribed it to you.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

De nada, NoStar.And I'm pleased to see our friend Caveman has come around -- if you read the comments on my last Palin piece, you'll find he lived up to his name by insisting the only reason I had qualms about Palin was because I was all a-flutter with female jealousy. Glad to see he's realized there are legitimate non-hormonal reasons to shudder at the thought of her gaining actual political power.

12:29 PM  
Blogger bass invader said...

I'm sure you Yanks have had enough with comments from other countries, but i gotta tell you, Palin gets into the world news and she is making you look *bad*. like, can't get a deal in copenhagen cuz the chinese cock-blocked you bad.

We had two weeks during your last election where the segment on the news might as well have been called "Retarded things Palin said today". Coming off the Bush administration with its geo-ignorance, her comments about being an expert on russia cuz she can see it from her porch don't help the old international rep. and Obama's well-worded but completely ineffectual attempts at diplomacy aren't winning any points either. I'm looking forward to him flailing around the middle east again. should be fun.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Bass Invader, the entire GOP is making my country look bad. And the Democrats are too. Believe it or not, most Americans are NOT anti-science religious nuts who believe human worth is synonymous with American citizenship. It's just that the ones who DO think such things make a lot more noise and garner a lot more attention.

I think you Brits are lucky in one way -- your political system, as I understand it, is such that it's easier for a smaller, newer political party to gain a foothold. So, as bad as (for example) Nick Griffin and the BNP are, I'd say that HAVING a BNP is a hell of a lot better than having those racist nuts contaminate one of only two mainstream political parties you've got.

But in America, there's no way a BNP or any other small party could really get off the ground, so instead of having, say, a relatively small "Whackjob Creationist Lunatic Party," the whackjob creationist lunatics contaminate the Republican Party, and when Americans vote we are limited to two choices: the Democrats, dominated by economic illiterates, or the Republicans, dominated by scientific illiterates.

10:41 AM  

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