Sunday, May 27, 2012

Suffer, Little Children

This is not a joke, for all that it sounds like one: Former priest Thomas Harkins allegedly molested so many children, even the Catholic Church was no longer willing to tolerate it. So he was defrocked, and is now happily employed as a TSA supervisor in Philadelphia. (Not even a run-of-the-mill agent, mind you, but a supervisor.)

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so don't forget to eat barbecue and drink booze in honor of all the men and women who died so that sociopaths with no marketable job skills would have the freedom to molest air travelers and draw a paycheck for doing so.


Anonymous smartass sob said...

Why in hell isn't the sonofabitch in a prison cell instead of drawing a government paycheck? Oh wait, I know - there isn't any room left in the prisons after locking up all those terribly dangerous and evil drug offenders. Heaven forbid we should end the war on drugs - wouldn't want to break government's rice bowl, would we?

6:04 AM  

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