Monday, February 11, 2013

Police Continue Terrifying Californians

Quote from a crime blotter today:
The manhunt for suspected cop-killer Christopher Dorner enveloped a San Bernardino apartment building before dawn because of a report that the ex-LAPD officer was hiding there — though it wasn’t true.

A SWAT team along with officers from San Bernardino, Riverside and Irvine swarmed the area about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 10, at 1525 East Eureka Street, just west of Del Rosa Avenue.

“There was a false report that Christopher Dorner had been spotted at a residence at that location,” said Lt. Michael Madden, the watch commander at San Bernardino Police Department. “We didn’t evacuate anybody. People were just ordered to remain indoors.”

The occupants of one apartment unit were required to come out so that officers could make sure Dorner wasn’t inside. Then the police left.
No big deal, right? At least that's what cops and their apologists think: you're either forbidden to leave your apartment, or possibly ordered to leave your apartment, depending on the cops' whim, but ... well, hey, at least they didn't shoot any innocent people this time, merely inconvenienced the hell out of them.

Elsewhere in the Golden State, innocent shoppers at a home-improvement store faced similar demands from the cops:
A Northridge, Calif., home improvement store was evacuated tonight because of a possible sighting of suspected cop-killer Christopher Dorner, just hours after police announced a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

As helicopters hovered overhead and a command center was established, police searched the Lowe's store and eventually told shoppers they could leave, but could not take their cars out of the parking lot.
Again, the cops' complete contempt for constitutional rights is utterly breathtaking: everybody in the store is now our prisoner. Okay, we'll finally allow you to leave the store, but don't even think of leaving the property until we search your car. Warrant? What warrant? We don't need any stinking warrants; just be grateful we didn't decide to shoot your worthless non-badge-having asses this time, or ram your car off the road.

This is what police and their apologists actually believe. And bear in mind: this is how the cops behave when they know the whole world is watching them. Just imagine what they do when they think nobody's looking.


Blogger Cinnamonbite said...

Until someone cares and sues, people will continue to be good little sheep. Well, it's that or be gunned down, I guess.

5:16 PM  

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