Monday, April 02, 2012

Supreme Court Upholds Forced Nudity For Safety's Sake

O happy day, especially for those who support the individual mandate of Obamacare: the Supreme Court ruled today that forced strip-searches and cavity searches are acceptable for all arrestees, even those arrested for extremely minor offenses.

Albert Florence was arrested for non-payment of a traffic fine. (Well, actually, he DID pay the fine; it's just that the cops who arrested him couldn't be bothered to confirm this.) So the cops stripped him naked and probed inside his various orifices, all in the name of "safety." That's simply the standard treatment Americans are being groomed to expect: wanna travel on mass transit? The TSA wants to look at your naked body and feel your various sexy bits, for "safety." Wanna exercise your first amendment right to peaceful protest? After the cops arrest everyone involved, you will be stripped and probed.

Personally, I'd say if you're arresting so many people for minor offenses that you can't even preserve their safety without stripping them naked, you need to stop arresting so many people. But of course America's not going to cut back on its punishment infrastructure; it's the only growth industry our economy has.

You supporters of the individual mandate, let me guess: you looked at our country, with its highest prison population in the world, and said "Where inmate numbers are concerned, WE'RE NUMBER ONE!! But there's still room for improvement."

The only thing worse than being sick and uninsured in America is being sick, uninsured and arrested for non-payment. But I suppose low-income, uninsured people like me aren't entirely "people," are we? We're just the eggs you have to break if you want to make an omelet.

I don't think people understand: in America, you don't sic the cops on people because you want to help them.


Blogger Joe said...

Have you noticed that anybody arrested now is referred to as a "detainee?" Noticing a lot of military terminology creeping into law enforcement language. A couple months ago, Janet Napolitano referred to UAVs (for border protection) as a "force multiplier." So the border patrol is no longer a law enforcement agency but a (military) force?

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, the militarization of so-called "law enforcement" has been ongoing for quite some time. With the gifting of military hardware, even and up to armored personnel carriers and UAV's, you pretty much have deep sixed Posse Commitatus through an end run assault. "Law Enforcement" is in itself a disgusting term. Laws? What kind of "laws" are we talking about? Even the KGB enforced their laws! What it doesn't say directly and silently to your face it shouts out from the roof tops, "Tyranny is here you peasants and what are YOU going to do about it?".

10:39 AM  

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