Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jumping The Shark: SPLC Edition

The Southern Poverty Law Center has long been a solution desperately in search of a problem, but they absolutely jumped the shark last week when they claimed that a "Nullification Now" conference sponsored by the Tenth Amendment Center was actually a hotbed of dangerous far-right extremism.

Who are these terrifying nullifying right-wingers that so concern the SPLC? Conference attendees included "Roughly 100 people [who] attended the conference organized by the Los Angeles-based Tenth Amendment Center, a group focused on how to weaken the reach of the federal government through nullification. Their central idea—that each state has the constitutional right to invalidate and disregard virtually any federal law—relies on a spurious interpretation of the Tenth Amendment, which reserves to the states and the people any power not explicitly given to the federal government, and flies in the face of more than two centuries of jurisprudence. .... There were also representatives from groups advocating for the legalization of raw milk—to limit the government’s regulatory power to ensure food safety."

Seriously. The SPLC now slaps the "far-right extremist" label on anybody who thinks the federal government is overstepping its constitutional bounds, including left-wing crunchy-granola hippie types who want to drink raw milk.

Somebody should read them the fable of the boy who cried wolf. One of these days, the SPLC really is going to uncover a terrifying racist threat to the republic ... and not a soul will believe them. At the very least, the SPLC should learn to distinguish between “racist terrorists plotting armed insurrection” and “three lonely teenagers who meet in mom’s basement after school to tell racist jokes and bitch about people they don’t like, and call themselves the ‘Valiant Kickass +17 Spell of Awesomeness Totally Cool Saviors of the White Race Chicks Dig Us,’” and according to SPLC mailings I’m supposed to freak out because there’s a VK+17SATCSWRCDU chapter less than 250 miles from me, and they’ll be able to make that trip to my house in less than five hours if their leader passes his test and gets his drivers’ license next month.

A friend of mine who grew up in Birmingham reports that, as of the late 1990s, the highest-ranking black employee at the SPLC was the janitor.
A photo of high-ranking SPLC executives looks little different from a photo of the high-ranking members of Stormfront. And if the SPLC wants to call me a bigot because I support the Bill of Rights in its entirety, tenth amendment included, the SPLC is cordially invited to kiss my left-wing libertarian ass.


Anonymous Russ 2000 said...

Every time I see "SPLC" I think of this:

One would think "Southern Poverty Law Center" would mean a lot of blacks run the thing, much like one would think a lot of women run "Mother's Against Drunk Driving". One would be wrong in both cases. Because both organizations are corrupt as hell.

10:27 AM  

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