Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Prostitutes V. Politicos: Compare And Contrast

"What's the difference between a prostitute and a politician? Prostitutes only screw you when you pay them."

That was the original lede to my latest column in the Guardian, but my editor cut it because he's British and therefore immune to the vulgar attacks of nyet kulturny which frequently infect my American self. I've never actually met any of my colleagues from the Guardian, but I picture them always in elegant dark-paneled rooms, sipping tea from antique Wedgwood cups and speaking in hushed tones about the Servant Problem.

Which is probably delusional, but no moreso than the self-congratulating politicians preening this week because the "Adult Services" shutdown on Craigslist will end the Prostitute Problem once and for all. At least when I'm clueless about reality, I have neither the authority nor the desire to force others to act in accordance with my delusions.

The censorship of Craigslist is, along with an Arizona prosecutor's decision that prison guards did nothing criminal last year when they broiled convicted prostitute Marcia Powell to death, the topic of my latest Guardian piece.

It's all about priorities. Being a hooker -- very bad. Broiling a hooker -- eh, not so much.


Anonymous Dave said...

Wow. Nice work. Excellent article in the Guardian about the closing of the adult services section on craigslist.

You're like a bright spot in the Dark Ages.

6:33 AM  

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