Monday, January 02, 2012

2012: An Inauspicious Start

Well, Dear Reader, I hope that at some point during the last couple weeks you and your loved ones celebrated a happy secular- or religious-themed December holiday of your choice. I spent New Year’s Eve taking down the Christmas decorations; President Obama marked the occasion by signing the NDAA into law, so it’s now legal for the American government to arrest American citizens anywhere in the world on “suspicion” of terrorism, no trial, no rights, no lawyer, nobody telling your family what happened to you.

Of course, in his signing statement he promised his administration will never-ever use this power unfairly. As for whoever comes after him, who cares? Oh, I know the excuses Obama’s supporters are making – the poor dear had no choice but to sign the bill. It didn’t just gut the constitution by allowing American citizens to be disappeared into military camps, it provides for the military to get paid. (Ordering The Troops to risk maiming or death on occupation duty in the name of defending the constitution in one thing, but delaying their paychecks to defend the constitution is wholly unacceptable.)

If Obama had anything remotely resembling balls, or a spine, or a conscience, he could have vetoed the bill anyway and told Americans exactly why: “My fellow Americans, I could not in good conscience sign this bill. When I was elected to this office I took an oath – as do all Congressmen and Senators– swearing to uphold the constitution of these United States. Those who voted for this bill – Democrats and Republicans both – violated that oath when they did so. I will not violate mine by signing it.”


Anonymous smartass sob said...

Someone sent me a Youtube spoof:

Little Dumber Boy

(sung to the tune of Little Drummer Boy)

Change he told us,
Barack Obama.

Then he spent much much more,
Barack Obama.

Executive Order everything,
Barack Obama.

Does he think he's the king,
Barack Obama,
Barack Obama,
Barack Obama.

He's embarassing
Barack Obama.

Man is he dumb.... ♪♫♪

Ya might as well laugh at the bastard, Jennifer - it feels better than crying and makes just about as much difference.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Abel said...

And the Republicans will nominate someone no better for 2012, and despite my libertarian protest vote things will keep getting worse until at least 2016.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous smartass sob said...

And the Republicans will nominate someone no better for 2012

(sigh) It certainly seems to look that way. I mean, Romney?! He's just a Republican version of Obama and as much an unprincipled flip-flopper as John Kerry was.
And Santorum. SANTORUM?!?! For cryin'out-loud - why not just go ahead and elect some crazy, ignorant Ayotollah to turn the country into a damned theocracy? Fortunately, I don't think Santorum has much chance of getting the nomination. But whether he gets it or Romney does, I don't think either can beat Obama. And even if one of them could, how would either be any better?

The only bright spot I see for the future of the country is the fact that Paul has changed the political dialogue. Even if he loses the nomination, the issues he has raised are things people are going to keep talking about for some time to come.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Artor said...

Of course, I'm sure we can all trust Obama to keep his word that he won't use these provisions while HE's President. Just ask Bradley Manning or Anwar al-Awlaki. I'm sure they'd tell you just how trustworthy he's turned out to be. If you could talk to either of them, that is. Which you can't.

11:37 AM  

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