Friday, September 28, 2012

Mob Diplomacy

Today I read my umpteenth news story this week about a rampaging mob threatening a diplomat from an unpopular country. What the hell kind of barbarians would do such a thing? Diplomats are off-limits in the civilized world; the mob clearly hails from an uncivilized country and we should nuke 'em, or at least drone-bomb 'em back to the stone age, in the name of protecting civilization and diplomacy from those unfit for either (I have it on good authority that when people from a particular city threaten or harm a diplomat, that means everybody in that specific city and country condones such behavior and should be held responsible for it) ...  wait, this was an American mob? A mob of New Yorkers baying at an Iranian diplomat they spotted outside the UN building? Oh, never mind then. It's only barbarism if they do it to us; when we do it to them it's merely a few individual bad apples and thus only a bigot would blame the whole orchard.
An Iranian diplomat was escorted from a Manhattan street by New York police after he was surrounded and threatened by an angry mob of protesters near the United Nations.

Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was walking near the United Nations yesterday when he was noticed and confronted by the angry mob on Second Avenue near East 48th Street, said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

The scuffle was captured on video, in which Mehmanparast was called a murderer before chants of 'terrorist' and 'Yeah, you scared s**t run away and go stand next to the police'.

The mob also shout: 'Get lost and go back into your hotel… What are you doing in New York you sick criminal?'


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