Friday, April 19, 2013

Constitution Suspended in Boston

I'm writing this in a South Carolina hotel room near my in-laws' house, and in the past two days I've had too little sleep and too much caffeine. The TV set in the hotel breakfast bar was set to Fox News this morning, and of course talked about little else besides the massive manhunt currently underway in Boston and its immediate suburbs. (Well, that plus some jackass pundit mentioning how the bombers immigrated here from Chechnya ten years ago, and wondering if they were part of a "sleeper cell" that formed after 9/11. I know nothing about the bombers except what I've heard on the news, but I'd bet my entire net worth that, whatever made the 19-year-old decide to murder strangers with bombs, it is not because al-Qaeda recruited him when he was nine freaking years old.)

And what the hell is this I'm hearing, about police conducting a "house-to-house search"? That's what happened in California a couple months ago, during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner. Can someone please tell me where in the constitution it says "All rights listed herein are suspended, should cops think a criminal might be running loose in your neighborhood?"

If the bomber does try breaking into someone's home, I hope it's a homeowner who exercises his second amendment rights, so as to avoid becoming Murder Victim Number Five.


Blogger akscott said...

Sitting here in alaska asking the same ??? .Hey, my 16 yr old daughter has the wherewithal to recognise the constitutional suspension happening in Boston .What excuse and what city is next ? A grand social experiment is continuing in this country . How much are we willing to give up just because someone tells us to .

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