Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alexandra Hill: More Drug War Collateral Damage

It takes a special type of moralizing psychopath to think "A two-year-old is better off living with a violent foster parent than with her own loving family, should someone in that family ever smoke the dread illicit marijuana." Fortunately (from the perspective of violent foster parents who enjoy torturing little kids and getting paid by the state to do so), the state of Texas thinks exactly that, which is why it removed two-year-old Alex Hill from her pot-smoking dad last November, then shuffled her through various abusive foster homes until she died, after foster mother Sherill Small admitted raising the child over her head and flinging her to the floor, multiple times, until she died. But at least Small wasn't a pot smoker.

Over at Anorak, I discuss the Alexandra Hill case for the benefit of any Britons who still suffer from the delusion "America is a free country with sane laws," and to remind everyone "Two-year-old Alexandra Hill wasn’t the first innocent victim to suffer a hideously painful death in the name of transforming America into a druggenfrei Utopia, and she sure as hell won’t be the last."


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