Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paranoid Solipsism: It's The American Way

Here's a facepalm-inducing story about a racist dimbulb idiot living in the next town over from me: a presumably drunk woman named Jennifer Crabbe [resist the temptation to make the obvious puns about crabby people, here] called 911 to report that her cabdriver was "very Muslim." I don't agree she should be charged with a hate crime, as the article mentions -- being rude and obnoxious shouldn't be illegal -- but charging her at least with misuse of 911 certainly sounds reasonable to me.

But here's what really depresses me about the story: subtract the woman's batpoop-insane racism and what's left is an attitude growing all-too-common in the modern American security-paranoia state: the idea "If I feel frightened or uncomfortable, this alone proves either that my rights are being infringed, or someone else's ought to be." After all: this woman didn't make the papers merely for fearing Muslims, but for being arrogant enough to believe "My fear of Muslims naturally means this Muslim guy should suffer as a result!"

Other examples of this self-centeredness include: "I am uncomfortable with the thought of being in a public place where someone might, possibly, have a concealed weapon plus intent to use it harmfully; therefore it's only right and just that everybody consent to these hyper-intrusive searches. So I say hooray for the TSA! American heroes, every one of them."

"I don't like hearing certain [non-libelous or slanderous] words or messages; therefore it's only right they be banned altogether."

"I am uncomfortable with the thought of someone using drugs and then maybe-possibly turning into a mindless criminal rampaging zombie, so hooray for prohibition."

"If people are allowed to have privacy, some of them might turn out to be criminals. That's why I support the NSA and think Edward Snowden a traitor for calling attention to their secret unconstitutional shenanigans."

"At least with New York City's stop and frisk policy, I don't need to worry so much that those scary black guys over there might be packing!"

Ad infinitum, ad nauseam: My fear is your problem. That's what America is supposed to be about, right?


Anonymous Lisa Simeone said...

Jennifer, totally agree.

And I've missed you! When are you going to come up to Baltimore? Your turn.

I'd read your blog more and comment, but I still can't take the white font on black background. Too hard on the eyes.

11:17 AM  

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