Monday, February 03, 2014

Your Annual Post-Super-Bowl Manufactured Controversy

I celebrated the Super Bowl in my traditional manner by watching something else on TV, so not until I went online this morning did I see a bunch of articles allegedly written by angry right-wingers, complaining that a multilingual Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad is trying to "Balkanize" America -- those are actually satires written by humor-deficient left-wingers who hacked into sites like, right?

Please tell me they are, as even my misanthropic self can’t believe the writers are sincerely be such ignoramuses as to overlook the fact "The Balkan Wars basically happened because a bunch of people decided 'If your religion/ethnicity/lifestyle are in any way different from mine, we cannot peacefully co-exist; we can only hate each other." Seriously: if you want to "Balkanize" America, then griping about this Coke commercial and taking umbrage over the fact that anyone other than English-speaking heteros might be considered 'real Americans' is a damned good way to start. 

(In other news: yes, I know I've been neglecting the hell out of this blog lately.This is partly due to assiduously working as a consumer journalist, and partially because I visited a doctor expecting to be diagnosed with, at most, a mild allergy, only to learn I had an infection bad enough to require powerful antibiotics. I've been swallowing them down with water, but the brouhaha over their Super Bowl ad almost makes me want to buy a Coke. Except if I try downing such enormous horsepills with a carbonated beverage, they'll hear my belches on the moon.)


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