Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Only Way To Save The World From Trump

Too much insanity coming out of the White House lately to keep up with it all, but here's two headsmacking highlights from Wednesday's news: in a phone call last Friday, he allegedly threatened to send the U.S. military into Mexico to "stop bad hombres down there." The next day, during a phone call with Australia's prime minister, the Washington Post says this happened:

It should have been one of the most congenial calls for the new commander in chief — a conversation with the leader of Australia, one of America’s staunchest allies, at the end of a triumphant week.

Instead, President Trump blasted Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over a refu­gee agreement and boasted about the magnitude of his electoral college win, according to senior U.S. officials briefed on the Saturday exchange. Then, 25 minutes into what was expected to be an hour-long call, Trump abruptly ended it.

At one point Trump informed Turnbull that he had spoken with four other world leaders that day — including Russian President Vladi­mir Putin — and that “This was the worst call by far.”
Apparently Steve Bannon forgot to tell Trump that Mexico and Australia are both U.S. allies.

Will somebody other than Melania please give Trump a blowjob so the Republicans will finally impeach that narcissistic nutcase? I'd volunteer to take one for the team myself, except I'm not young enough: judging from his track record, any candidate for his adulterous intentions has to be at least seven years younger than his most-recent wife.


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