Sunday, October 23, 2016

Clinton Voters in Georgia: An Anecdote

I went to a meetup today--officially it was an atheists' meetup, but any eavesdroppers who overheard the majority of the conversation would think the meetup was actually "People who don't particularly like Clinton, but are voting for her because Georgia is now a battleground state, and she's neither Trump nor the Christian Right."

Eventually the conversation got around to various bizarre things Trump, Pence or their alt-right followers said and believed, which led to bizarre conspiracy theories in general, and at one point I mentioned the "Obama caused the Fukushima tsunami with his HAARP weather machine" conspiracy, which none of them had heard of before. So one guy took out his phone, and I told him "Seriously -- Google the words Obama, harp with two a's, and Fukushima," and his eyes bugged out when he saw the results. He even said "Oh my God, look at this," even though we're all atheists there.

I destroyed four people's innocence today.


Blogger Hardison said...

I doubt the U.S. military would turn down any such research project just for the obvious reasons. They seem to have a pretty high tolerance for "insanely expensive and useless" as well as "slight potential for accidental large-scale destruction". (In fact, to the Pentagon, the latter is more often a "feature" than a "bug")

If any conspiracy theory eventually turns out to be true, though, it won't be one like HAARP, where the facility occasionally hosts open houses for students.

It will be some remote airbase in a war-torn country where Ken Lay is being held in the same cell that used to hold D.B. Cooper and Andy Kaufman.

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