Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anna Drexel, Revisited

Over at the Guardian I discuss the revolting kiddie-porn video starring the unwilling Anna Drexel, and its implications for American freedom.


Anonymous Alan McBride said...

Hope your blood pressure has receded after verbal duel with MAM on CIF. Incessant ridicule of TSA makes for great You Tube viewing, wheelchair-bound woman with bleached blond hair, black lingerie, pearl necklace, and white poodle presents a striking (and hilarious) figure at OK airport:

Other internet searches show info that the woman had a trace of “nitrate” on her and was denied flying privilege, another site says she posed for Playboy in '97, another that she was a dentist whose license was revoked. You've written several CIF commentaries about TSA which may or may not contribute to changes there—would suggest that, as a last resort, you could team up with this lady in similar attire and try to board an airliner together. If nothing else it would be terrific material for another story. Seriously, I don't think any public security organization can ignore all this bad publicity. They'll have to try to counteract it with more than their routine, self-serving web site.

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