Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fan Mail

Non-insightful insight of the day: conspiracy theorists take their conspiracies very, very seriously.

Over in the Bristol Press and other Connecticut rags, my column for this week, about Obama’s birth certificate and Bush’s involvement with the destruction of the World Trade Center, inspired indignation among commenters who think I should’ve spent more time researching the facts and less time making excuses for mass murder.

Quote from column: “The idea [that the American government brought down the WTC] has a certain appeal. It would have been comforting, during the gloomiest days of the Bush administration, to think ‘At least the country’s being led by brilliant Machiavellian geniuses who know exactly what they’re doing.’”

Commenter who thinks I’m an idiot: “There is nothing comforting about the idea that your own elected government would murder it's [sic] own citizens and lie about it for political gain. You have failed to get your facts straight or draw any kind of reasonable conclusion. Blog fail.”

Quote from column: “Obama’s probably not capable of demolishing the World Trade Center and fooling the world about who did — that requires the genius of a George W. Bush, possibly with an Illuminati/Mossad connection — but if we’re lucky, he is at least smart enough to have spent several years serving as a U.S. senator without anyone realizing he’s secretly been an Indonesian citizen all along.”

Commenter who thinks I’m a lazy jerk: “How you could even begin to think of yourself as a journalist is so far beyond comprehension I don't know that there is a word in existence that will properly convey my disgust. You Maam, [sic] and those with similar mindsets are exactly what is wrong with America, and I hope that when your ridiculous opinions are shown to be the baseless joke they are you'll all do the honorable thing and leave this country.”


Blogger J sub D said...

What about TWA flight 800, huh? The US Navy shot that down and got at least 500 people to lie about it.

If you're so darned smart, explain all of this away.

[/lunatic ravings]

Here is the mindset as I see it. The U.S. Government, which proved unable to keep the A-bomb secret till was even tested, now has the magical ability to get thousands of normal Americans to lie when exposing the "truth" about the government committing mass murder would make them a hero and a millionaire.

With only 20 years experience in military weaponry operation, including at least 30 misssile firings, all I can say is -


4:38 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I dare not say a word, J-sub. If the government can bring down two skyscrapers and kill 3,000 people, it would be no trouble at all for them to murder me and make it look like an accident.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Anne O'Neimaus said...

"If the government can bring down two skyscrapers and kill 3,000 people..."

Well, in recent years the U.S. government has clearly killed much more than 3000 people. Heck, we're over 3000 U.S. soldiers sent off into the desert to die, already. Not to mention deliberately-uncounted number of Iraqis and Afghans.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Of course the government's killed people and done nasty things, Anne. But you don't need to embrace implausible conspiracies to believe this.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Anne O'Neimaus said...

You are, of course, completely correct, Jennifer.

(How's that for excessive comma abuse?)

On the other hand, illegal, immoral, and downright evil conspiracies by (elements of) the U.S. government have been documented.

Remember LSD in the drinking water, anyone?

If we didn't have the crazies around keeping things stirred up, nobody would even think about such possibilities, much less believe them. As dedicated doomsayers, they tend to get a bit strident, of course. But I think they are largely harmless, and probably do some (miniscule) amount of good by drawing attention to possibilities that, while unlikely, should nevertheless be warded against (where the cost and effort is minimal).

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, I know what you mean - Jennifer.

It's like when just after 9/11 there followed all those letters sent to Congress and the TV anchors with messages of praising Allah and death to America that were laced with anthrax.

The government told us that they were sent from muslim extremists - probably Iraq. And some people questioned that too. Some people just never give up when the obvious answer is right under their nose.

And here is another good example of one of the 9/11 lunatics who thinks the official story is a ridiculous fraud:|Lauded

A renowned UMass scientist.

She won the the National Medal of Science in 1999, America’s highest honor for scientific achievement.

Weren't you able to cite to some pop- psychologist from Central Connecticut to rebut these idiots?

Keep up the good work - Jennifer.


8:10 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Once again, Tom: your earlier statements expressing a lack of interest in my writing would be far more believable if you'd stop posting comments here.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My apologies,

Someone pointed out to me that even though there was all that evidence scattered about that Muslim Extremists were behind the anthrax attacks, and even though the Administration not only affirmed that this was the case but leaned on the FBI to back them up, it turns out that instead of Muslim Extremists it was weapons grade anthrax taken from the most secure US military bio-weapons facility in existence, with multiple levels of security clearances, cameras everywhere and what not.

But still, I am with you Jennifer, the idea that some elements within the US would stage an attack within America on 9/11 in order to blame it on Muslims, so that they would have an excuse to go to war and roll back liberties is just so implausible as to be silly.

I mean with something so implausible, there is no need to waste time checking the evidence. Just like that PR guy at NIST told you. Why would you look for evidence of explosives when you already know that there is no evidence? That seemed like a good explanation - right?

But you did not stop there. You dug up the Central Connecticut psychologist guy who explained that someone would have come forward and sold the rights to the story for millions if the attack was staged like the anthrax attacks. I agree with your decision to stop looking further at that point. Case closed.

As far as the UMass professor, another so-called brilliant, nationally renowned scientist coming forward and saying the government story is an outrageous fraud, I am sure that if you checked her writings, you could debunk her alleged brilliance by finding some misplaced commas or other grammatical errors. That's what we count on you for Jennifer - that type of hardcore journalistic diligence that gets to the heart of the story for the rest of us!


9:29 PM  

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