Thursday, January 05, 2012

Eek, It's A Living

Time was when I'd introduce non-political stuff by saying "This is about as political as a cupcake." Of course, now that overzealous TSAgents have decreed that even cupcakes are a terrorist threat, I'll now say "Instead of unleashing my inner grammar Nazi, I unleashed my inner grammar TSAgent when I wrote this piece for the Daily Dot:"

The Internet can be a frustrating place, especially for former English/writing majors trying to eek out a living in a harsh trans-print journalism world where millions of our fellow netizens see nothing wrong with “trying to eek out a living.”

This gets tooth-grindingly annoying for those sensitive enough to recognize “No, you eke out a living. E. K. E. ‘Eek’ is what you yell when some gross thing makes you squirm, like a mouse in your breakfast cereal or an adult on the Internet writing ‘Drat this economy makes it hard to eek out a living’.”



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