Friday, May 11, 2012

One Question For Mitt Romney

Everybody does dumb things in high school, but sociopathic acts of homophobic assault are, thankfully, much rarer. If you haven't developed a conscience by age 17 -- if you get to be that age and still can't  understand that "it's wrong to assault people" -- are you even capable of growing into a decent human being by that point?

Not that it matters, if you're as rich as Mitt Romney; human decency is for those who can't afford good lawyers. Although in light of recent reports about his glory days as a high school bully, I wish reporters would stop asking his views regarding the right of gay people to get married, as I'm worried about a more fundamental right: Mr. Romney, have your views evolved enough that you support the right of gay people to wear unconventional hairstyles without a gang of vicious pack animals holding them down and forcibly cutting their tresses?


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