Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Didn't We WIN Our Revolution?

While flipping through the news channels in my hotel room this morning -- a hotel which, I remind you, is well within the borders of the US of A -- I could not find a single broadcast containing actual "news." All I found was a bunch of undignified gushing over the big, expensive party Britain's throwing to celebrate some inbred frump of a welfare queen's having achieved a whopping 60 years of plush living on the dole. Didn't we fight a revolution so we wouldn't HAVE to care about this crap?

The Guardian reports that the Brits even revived the fine old tradition of serfdom, forcing long-term unemployed to work without pay as stewards for the party. The serfs reportedly were forced to sleep under London Bridge the night before, and went 24 hours without toilet facilities. (The queen's husband, meanwhile, was allowed to use toilet facilities if he pleased, but his royal bladder still came down with an infection. Since he's an aristocrat that presumably means his shit does not stink ... apparently his urine is another matter, though. Damned germs clearly have no respect for titles.)


Blogger tart said...

Because Americas last 60 years worth of Presidents have all been winners!
Its weird but in my experience UK libertarians are at best, ambivalent to in favor of our Monarch, at least from a practical point of view. She might be expensive, and not do a lot, but for the person notionally in charge of the state surly that's a good thing? if only the rest of Parliament followed her lead we would all be less fucked.

(BTW as a UK reader i really like your blog and your bits in the Guardian, if it wasn't for you i would never read the damned thing.)

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