Saturday, July 28, 2012

TSA News Roundup: Three Days In The USA

Brief roundup of TSA news from the past three days:

The "war on terror" is an endless war, and the assault on our civil liberties intended to be permanent. TSA chief John Pistole admitted as much in an interview with a "Nightline" co-anchor, saying all TSA measures (plus whatever additional ones they inflict on us) are here to stay.

In Key West, a "very intoxicated" TSA officer named Milagros Casanas was arrested for attacking another woman and trying to steal her cell phone. The stupid TSA-hole forgot that she's not allowed to assault Americans and steal our property unless she's in uniform; Casanas got arrested because she chose to freelance. (Bear in mind Casanas isn't just any Miami TSAgent; she's the "lead" officer according to TSA itself. This is the type of person TSA considers intelligent and trustworthy enough to not merely fondle passengers and their belongings, but oversee others who do.)

In Philadelphia, LeeAnn Clark reported seeing TSA agents make two wheelchair-bound children leave their chairs and crawl through the scanner. (Those of you who keep track of TSA misconduct might recall that it was Philadelphia, former cradle of American liberty, is also where a four-year-old boy had to remove his leg braces and crawl through the scanner without them back in February 2011.

A journalist in an Amtrak boarding area -- remember, that's a train station, not an airport -- was accused of "terrorism" for recording TSA agents as they set up a checkpoint and searched passengers.

And over at the official TSA blog, the propagandizing sociopath Bob Burns gushed about how wonderful it is that two million Americans have purchased the de facto internal passport called PreCheck (or Pre✓™, as Blogger Bob spells it). All you have to do is pay money and submit to a background check and then, if you pass, you're allowed to board an airplane without getting undressed and/or fondled and/or irradiated and/or photographed naked (if you're flying out of any of the 28 US airports participating in the PreCheck program). You know, the way everybody used to do, before the TSA suspended the fourth amendment and the rest of the country sheepishly went along with it?

The PreCheck program is based on the theory that no terrorist actual could ever manage to get around it, just like none of them know how to get more than three ounces of shampoo onto an airplane now that TSA forbids it.


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