Friday, April 19, 2013

House Arrest For Boston's Population

The entire population of Boston and its surrounding suburbs is under house arrest because one teenaged murderer is running loose; nobody may enter the city, and nobody there already may leave their house. I've heard that police are conducting their house-to-house searches by kicking in doors if homeowners don't answer quickly enough, and of course none of them are bothering to get any warrants. So I'll repeat the question I asked earlier this morning: where in the constitution it says "All rights listed herein are suspended, should cops think a criminal might be running loose in your neighborhood?"

True fact: when I heard that Dunkin' Donuts was the only business staying open in Boston today, I thought it was a tasteless anti-cop joke. I was wrong; the only tasteless joke here is the authorities' actual behavior.

I saw on an announcement from some authority: "people at work are free to drive home." As though that is some sort of privilege.

Our country is screwed. And I wouldn't be surprised if terrorist bombings become far more frequent, now that the terrorists know two bombs plus a police force that ignores the constitution is all it takes to shut down an entire major metropolitan area.


Anonymous smartass sob said...

I saw on an announcement from some authority: "people at work are free to drive home." As though that is some sort of privilege.

All I've heard since I became old enough to legally drive is "driving is a privilege, not a right!" But quite aside from all that, apparently even just walking home from work is a privilege as well.

More and more - and because the government makes it more and more evident - I've come to the conclusion that the country is run by the government for the government. We non-governmental personnel, subjects, serfs, peons - what have you - are here only for the convenience of the government and to pay the bills. That we are even allowed to so much as breathe in this country is to be considered a privilege, which can be revoked or curtailed at any time by whichever professional prevaricator chooses to rule on the question. It is a privilege we enjoy only by permission - providing we have paid the requisite fee (tax?) to some insurance corporation or the Internal Revenue Service.

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