Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Most Implausible Statement ("Credit Where Due" Edition)

Last night, Jeff and I walked to a theater/mini-concert venue near our house. I didn't carry a purse, but put my driver's license in my front jeans pocket (in case they carded, which they did not). When we returned home I was dismayed to discover my license was missing. Fortunately, it's back in my possession now;  somebody found it in the street, not far from where I'd stopped walking long enough to tie my shoe, and turned it into the police.

In other news: I never imagined I'd be happy to report that "This morning the cops came a-knockin' on my  door, looking for me personally."


Anonymous Artor said...

Every personal encounter I have had with the police has been polite and professional. It probably helps a lot that I'm a white male. But I still don't trust the fuckers any farther than I can throw them. Less, actually, since I'm pretty strong. I could probably get a few yards of loft on most cops. Maybe I can try that from the top of a tall building?

9:33 AM  

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