Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Computerized Distrust

I tried making a post last night, and got an error message saying I'd run out of space on my "FTP server," whatever that is. So I'm freaking out, trying to determine what an FTP server is, and where mine is stored, and how I could clear more space on it ... and this morning everything was fine, except that the post I tried to make last night (a work of shimmering brilliance, natch) is gone forever.

My guest-blogging gig is over, which is good because it means I can come back to posting here on a regular basis. Assuming the computer will let me. I keep recalling a line I read in a book somewhere: "He'd heard that computers were the tools of the Devil, which made perfect sense. After all, computers had to be the tools of somebody, and it certainly wasn't him."


Anonymous A Moose said...

Obviously they found out about you at work...probably the picture...;)

4:58 PM  

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