Monday, January 09, 2012

Dammit, GOP, Get Your Act Together

Every five minutes or so the status of the "current GOP presidential front-runner" changes, so right this second I don't know who looks most likely to get the 2012 Republican presidential nomination: Rick Santorum the Catholic Taliban? Newt Gingrich the megalomaniac sociopath? Mitt Romney the blank slate who changes his politics and principles almost as frequently as I change my socks?

If any Republican national strategists are reading this then pay attention, damn you: Obama is spectacularly unpopular these days, not just among right-wingers who never stood a chance of liking him anyway, but also among left-wingers and independents (like me) who voted for him in 2008, not because we're party-line Democrats who'll pull the lever for anybody with a -(D) after his name, but because we care about civil liberties and believed Obama's circa-2008 claims that he would undo the constitutional damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. But Obama has proven to be an absolute civil-liberties disaster, and the Republicans could easily mop up that disaster -- and reclaim the White House for themselves -- if only they'd support a sane, sensible centrist candidate promoting a return to the constitutional rights all Americans took for granted up through September 10, 2001.

Plenty of Republicans meet those criteria, so why is the GOP power structure consistently ignoring them? At this point, Obama could release a videotaped confession showing him raping and murdering photogenic orphan toddlers as part of a Satanic occult plot to raise Hitler from the dead after giving Kim Jong Eun the entire American nuclear arsenal as a "welcome to power" gift, and somehow, some way, the Republicans would STILL find a candidate who makes Obama look like the lesser of two evils.

Re-elect Obama in 2012: "He'll raise Hitler from the dead, turn North Korea into the world's number-one nuclear power and sign legislation making it legal for TSAgents (with valid hunting licenses) to shoot American airline travelers for sport."

No, vote for the Republican in 2012: "He'll build more nukes and use them to blow up the sun." (And then Obama would add "Blowing up the sun is bad, m'kay?" to his campaign platform until the second he wins re-election, at which point he too will try to blow up the sun, because damned if he'll let any Republicans out-Republican him.)

[/kicks pebble]
[/watches pebble fall down storm drain into dark stinking underground sewer]
[/morosely imagines pebble symbolizes entire country]


Anonymous NoStar said...

I'll bet it was a bad hair day too.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous smartass sob said...

Rick Santorum the Catholic Taliban?

Very apt term for the guy. One gets the impression from him that all sex is acceptable only insofar as it produces more children and furthers the interests of Society - ie., more straight Christians, preferably of his "moral" persuasion, and more tax slaves. All for the "good of Society", because, by God, no one's life is morally justifiable except as it furthers the interests of his vision of Society and God. Man's a damned socialist whether he knows it or not.

BTW, be proud of me, Jennifer - I just took apart my fourth laptop and repaired it last night. I've come a long way in computing in seven years . (No, I'm not a computer repairman or professional.)

12:37 PM  
Anonymous L.Long said...

But they do have their act together. They are showing who and what they are perfectly.
The big problem is the only way to vote against any of them is to vote for someone else. And there aint no one else yet worth voting for.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

You could maybe vote for the wookie.

11:34 AM  

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