Friday, May 11, 2012

Take Us To Your Leader

It's not every day, nor even every month, that I defend a government agency against critics who accuse it of wrongdoing. Indeed, I do this so rarely that when it actually happens, my psyche responds like an American digestive system exposed to Third World water supplies: I have no tolerance for it, so it makes me sick.

Thus was I in a state of highly snarkified piss-off yesterday when I wrote this article discussing the latest YouTube anti-NASA conspiracy theory for the Daily Dot: our solar system's filled with advanced alien races "they" don't want you to know about. As usual, I included a paragraph or two explaining why a government agency is being stupid:
NASA’s facing some pretty stiff budget cuts this year. Assuming rob19791’s allegations are true—and that’s obviously a huge assumption—it seems odd that NASA would try hiding the alien’s existence rather than milking it. If advanced alien races really are buzzing through our neighborhood, surely even the most tight-fisted congressman would vote to give NASA extra money to observe them?  
Longtime readers of this blog might recall a few years ago, when I started getting thank-you letters from 9/11 Truthers after one of their bigwigs quoted one of my articles out of context to make me sound like a Truther as well. I remembered that when I wrote the NASA piece; with luck, it'll never get me quoted at UFO conferences.


Anonymous smartass sob said...

Oh god! The Lizard People have even gotten to you, too? ;-)

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:15 PM  
Anonymous Robert Hewes said...

Ah, thank God! I started reading your article and I had this inchoate dread at the thought of you defending the government for anything! I wouldn't really say that you were defending them, though -- pointing out blatant idiocy is very different than apologetics.

8:52 AM  

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