Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Hunt For Christopher Dorner

Correction to my first post about Christopher Dorner: I said he’d been dismissed from the LAPD for making “false” accusations against a colleague, though it’s looking more and more as though his claims were actually “true, but quickly hidden behind the blue wall of silence.”

A friend of mine who lives in California says he’s “heard reports” that cops forced some of the people in Big Bear Lake out of their houses at gunpoint. Which sounds depressingly plausible to me—moreso than the idea all 400 households meekly submitted to letting cops tear through their homes without a warrant.

Given how indiscriminately the police are lashing out at innocent people—shooting two Hispanic women in one truck, ramming another truck off the road while firing at the driver—it appears pretty obvious they have no intention of catching Dorner alive. Fortunately, cops tend to be lousy shots, which is why their three victims are merely injured rather than dead right now. Police are officially searching for Dorner with drones now, the first (though surely not the last) American to have that dubious honor. Presumably, this drone is among the 30,000 the government looks to put in American skies by the end of the decade.

I saw a headline quoting LA’s mayor as saying that the city “will not tolerate this reign of terror.” Well then, Mr. Mayor, tell the cops to knock it off. Mass checkpoints of all vehicles on a road, mass searches of all houses in a town, all in search of a single man—that behavior’s lifted straight from every police-state dystopia movie I’ve ever seen.


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