Friday, February 01, 2013

At Least It's An Ethos

I've said before that the Democrats aren't going to improve until the Republicans do; the GOP won't be able to win more votes than the Democrats until Republicans get it through their thick skulls that women, gays, non-whites and believers in the scientific method are voters to be courted, rather than threats to campaign against.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of America's political right wing has come down with a powerful case of Obama Derangement Syndrome. I hate Obama because he's a center-right politico who trashes the constitution and broke all the campaign promises I voted for in 2008, which is entirely different from hating Obama because he's a secret Muslim Manchurian candidate illegal immigrant Antichrist plotting to make Sharia law and promiscuous homosexuality mandatory for all Americans.

For those who have difficulty grokking the difference between "legitimate criticism of our craptastic president" and full-fledged "Obama Derangement Syndrome," behold: the staff of the National Review feels an uncontrollable compulsion to disagree with everything Obama says, solely because Obama says it. Thus, when Obama gave a speech about the Holocaust and called it "senseless," NRO was quick to take umbrage and point out that hey, dudes, at least it's an ethos.

The mouthpiece of America's right wing would rather defend literal Nazis than agree with any word coming out of Obama's mouth. And these fools honestly, sincerely cannot understand why America rejected them in the last election cycle.


Anonymous smartass sob said...

I hate Obama because he's a center-right politico

That is laughably preposterous - he is center-left. Unless,of course, you happen to be somewhere to the left of Marx, Lenin, or Trotsky.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Josh C said...

Actually, NR's point is that the holocaust was not senseless, it was deliberate. That this was not something beyond human understanding, it was a coldly and methodically planned act of genocide. Fatal traffic accidents are senseless violence, assassinations are not.

To claim that the cold-blooded murder of twelve million humans was "senseless" is to claim that we could not have foreseen it, that we could not have acted to stop it, and that we are absolved of any possible responsibility. That is what the National Review article takes umbrage with.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Abel said...

Smartass, compare Obama's record to Ronald Reagan's; if O is a lefty than Ronnie was too.

Josh--Bullshit. Unless the National Review also took umbrage with Ronald Reagan when HE referred to the Holocaust as "senseless"? Of course they did not; if a right-winger gave the exact same speech Obama did, the NRO would not remark on it at all.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Charles Pergiel said...

I love the way you write.

10:48 AM  

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