Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Word Of Encouragement To My Gay Friends

A friend of mine who lives in Minnesota has parked herself in front of her computer, eagerly awaiting news of the state legislature's vote on making Minnesota the eleventh US state to legalize gay marriage. I haven't been following Minnesota state politics so I have no idea what chance of success the bill has, but I reminded her: even if this bill fails it is, at most, a temporary setback. All the "we hate Teh Gayz" bills of recent months are the equivalent of George Wallace bellowing "Segregation forever"--no, jackass, 'twas only "Segregation for a tiny bit longer before history unanimously consigns you to the losing side." Full and equal gay-marriage rights ARE coming to the United States, probably before today's infants become adults, and those infants' kids will one day look at photos of anti-gay rallies with the same disbeliving horror today's kids use to look at pictures of old Klan gatherings.

Also: this Saturday marks the ten-month anniversary of my traditional heterosexual "foundation of all that is good and decent in America, plus Jen needs health insurance" marriage. If The Gays want to threaten the sanctity of said marriage, y'all better get off your lazy degenerate asses and DO IT already. That gay couple we saw in the grocery store a couple weekends ago--all they did to us was nod and smile. Nod and smile! How the hell is THAT supposed to destroy a healthy marriage, huh? How is that supposed to destroy anything?


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