Friday, October 08, 2010

VA Admit State Licensing Requirements Are Bogus

There's a certain TV commercial that's been in rotation over a year now, but I only became aware of it yesterday while watching some military history documentaries: the Veterans' Administration is recruiting medical personnel, and the commercials tout various benefits of working for the VA, including "I can use my current license to work for VA anywhere in the US."

So a medical license from one state works everywhere in the country. Which leads to some questions: if it's safe for a VA doctor from one state to work anywhere in the US, why does that not apply to civilian doctors? And if a doctor with an out-of-state license is somehow inferior to a doctor with an in-state license, then why is the VA going out of its way to recruit these substandard people?

Of course, I'm basing these questions on the assumption licensing requirements are all about public safety rather than any less-noble reasons.


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