Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Good Reason To Vote For Obama and/or Romney

The only good reason to vote for Romney is this: you are so determined to "stick it" to the Democrats, you don't mind sticking it to the whole country as well. And the only good reason to vote for Obama is this: you want to stick it to the Republicans badly enough to stick it to the whole country too. If you think cutting off your nose is a good way to spite your face, vote Rama or Obamney this November. Ha! Take that, Face!
Other good reasons to vote Obama or Romney: you think job security for TSA child molesters is far more important than the fourth amendment. You support the NDAA, and think the president has the right to imprison or kill American citizens solely on his say-so. You think ordinary people should pay higher taxes to bail out multinational corporations. You support the legal use of torture. There's no limit to the freedoms and civil liberties you'll abandon in exchange for the false promise of "security." You find a totalitarian government superior to a government that operates by the consent of the governed. Or -- most likely -- because you're such a strong supporter of Team Red or Team Blue, you just don't give a damn about Team America.


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