Thursday, September 05, 2013

TSA: Bad For America, Bad For The World

I'm finally back home from my vacation, having traveled halfway across the North American continent and back, and am currently playing catchup on everything I missed while away.

Random fact: before returning our rental car to the agency, Jeff checked the trip odometer and determined that we burned over 100 gallons of gasoline on our vacation. Flying would've been much, much better for the environment (in addition to being far more convenient for us), but flying in America these days entails having your genitals fondled by a TSA sociopath, which is why I opted for several days of driving over several hours of flying.

In a just world, the TSA would be disbanded and its members charged for the numerous civil rights and sexual assault violations they commit. Since we live in an unjust world, I'll settle for sending them all to a luxurious, fun-filled TSA convention on the island paradise of Tuvalu, five seconds before the rising waters of the Pacific flood it out.


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