Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I Loathe Veterans' Day

Because it's the anniversary of the day my father fell off his bicycle, broke his neck and spent the rest of his life as a quadriplegic trapped in a useless body capable of feeling nothing but pain.

Today is sunny and unseasonably warm here in southern New England, just as it was in southeastern Virginia twenty-one years ago. I'm going out for my daily walk but don't expect to enjoy it at all, as I'll be too busy brooding over the explosive grand finale of what was already a hellish childhood.

Best thing about no longer working for a daily newspaper: I don't have to spend Veteran's Day at parades and memorial services, collecting patriotic quotes from bystanders while keeping a big professional smile pasted on my face.


Anonymous NoStar said...

I have no eloquent words to convey what I feel towards you and the pain you have from the tragedy of your father's accident. From my own experiences, I have learned that eloquent words aren't needed. The simple words of support and condolences were and remain reassuring to me. I treasure the kind words you have written to me after my daughter died and now with my cancer. Now it is my turn.

Jennifer, since the time I first read your comments on Hit&Run, I felt a friendship and a kinship with you. (My family wasn't military, but we were nomadic and as a musician my dad was often away.) When you write of painful events, I feel them directly. (This is most likely due to the power of your writing and not any great empathy on my part.) I send my condolences, but also my love and prayers for your well being and happiness.

I hope someday we will meet, share a bottle of wine , and have a free spirited, wide ranging conversation.

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Blogger Charles Pergiel said...


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