Friday, May 24, 2013

Jim Crow, Gay Marriage, Thieves and Vandals

I've reached the point where -- no joke -- I almost have more respect for outright racists than I do for the anti-gay bigots. And I know exactly why: when white supremacist Southerners were bitching about the impending end of Jim Crow ... yes, JC was utterly immoral but white Southerners did actually benefit from it (especially if they didn't waste brainpower or conscience worrying about things like "The rights and needs of other human beings whose appearance differs from my own") -- guaranteed seats on the bus, easier to land a good job if you're only competing against "other qualified white people" rather than "ALL other qualified people" -- point is, ask a 1950s white Southerner "How will it affect your life, if non-whites are granted the same rights as you?" and he can list actual, tangible material or legal benefits he stands to lose. These anti-gay jackholes can't even do that.

Jim Crow supporters were like thieves, whereas anti-gay bigots are more like vandals. Theft and vandalism are both immoral, both cause harm to their victims -- but at least thieves stand to gain something by it. Vandals can't even claim that -- you made someone else unhappy without enriching yourself. I can understand a guy who tries stealing my TV set, or glass and crystal decorative items -- but not someone who seeks only to destroy these.


Anonymous Morgan Robertson said...

I agree. In my concurrence, I would write all that you wrote, but you already wrote it. Good thoughts!

1:22 PM  

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