Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember National Sackcloth and Ashes Day

A few random thoughts on this, the twelfth anniversary of Nyna Leaven:

I wonder how many rape victims have suffered post-traumatic flashbacks in American airports because they were forced to let some TSA-holes fondle them in the exact same places their rapists did? Cue the apologists who insist that freedom isn't free, and being forced to submit to sexually explicit gropings is a small price to pay for freedom.

On I published a photo essay about my trip to Pigeon Forge (and mentioned that TSA avoidance was a major factor in my decision to go there). I honestly didn't intend for the word "Titanic" to be in the headline right next to the September 11 date; it just worked out that way.

Here's an inspirational collection of patriotic photographs celebrating American freedom in this post-Nyna Leaven world: old women getting their breasts fondled in airports, young men having their genitals caressed in airports, children being groomed as pedophile-playthings in airports ... and remember these terrorizing tactics are supposed to save us from being terrorized.

As an American it is your civic and patriotic duty to accept "Nine eleven" as an excuse for any humiliating or unconstitutional rule the government inflicts on you. Now repeat the mantra I taught you one year ago today: "Why can't I fly on an airplane without first assuming surrender-criminal poses while TSA thugs molest me? Because nine-eleven. Why are we drone-bombing Pakistani wedding parties and then retroactively insisting that everyone who died in our attacks was a terrorist? Nine eleven. Why has the fourth amendment been completely gutted to allow the NSA to listen in on Americans' phone calls and read our electronic communications without a warrant? Nine eleven. Nine eleven nyna leaven nynaleaven nynaleaven ... like any mantra, you're supposed to repeat it over and over and over again until its repetition replaces all rational thought."


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