Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year (Good Riddance to the Old One)

I know better than to try making official “New Years’ resolutions” (and if I did, I’d know better than to put them in writing, let alone post them online).

Hence, I’ll not resolve to post here more often, or stop neglecting this-here blog as I have lately. I hope to post more; I just dare not resolve to. Things haven’t gone well for me and my household in 2014, so good riddance to that year and hopefully the new one will improve.

On the bright side, I’m gainfully employed, as a consumer writer, though I tend not to post my professional articles here because this is, at least in theory, a blog dedicated to liberty-themed sociopolitical whatever, rather than warnings about the latest consumer scam or complaints about the latest generation of Keurig coffee machines.

Still, the end of 2014 finds my household arguably worse off than the beginning of the year. My spouse lost his job early in 2014 and has yet to find a new one. My mother-in-law passed away relatively suddenly in November (no mother-in-law jokes here; she was far kinder to me than my own mother ever was). Yet my personal complaints are downright petty compared to the rest of the country. I’ve literally lost count of how many unarmed Americans have been killed by police officers since last summer.

Names like Tamir Rice and Eric Garner start blending together with those of other police victims; of course, the year 2014 kicked off with two police in Fullerton, California, being acquitted of killing Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man whom they beat to death. As with Rice and Garner, the policemen’s actions were caught on video. No matter; by 2014 it had been pretty much established that American police have the legal right to kill pretty much anybody they want, so long as they’re in uniform.

No trend continues forever, and I take heart from remembering that the various trends which made 2014 so horrible have to reverse sooner or later. I just hope it’s sooner. Happy New Year, everyone.
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